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We proudly offer our capabilities on High Resolution Electron Microscopy to all potential researchers on and off UNLV campus.


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Our Tecnai G² F30 S-TWIN TEM (transmission electron microscope) is a perfect high-end analytical laboratory tool with excellent and versatile capabilities for high resolution imaging as well as extremely good analytical performance. Ultra-stable high-tension technology ensures reliable and excellent long-term energy stability for electron energy loss experiments.  We will provide researches with the best available technology on High Resolution Electron Microscopy and on sample preparation.

Materials properties and performance of new materials are determined by the presence and interaction of microstructural and nanostructural features such as interfaces and dislocations.  Electron microscopy is the primary method to determine structure and chemistry of structural features such as interfaces or dislocations.  The Transmission Electron Microscopy Laboratory provides researchers at UNLV with the ability to characterize ceramics, metals, and biological materials at resolutions down to atomic scale (point-to-point resolution = 2 Ångström = 0.2 nm).  The Technai F-30 S-TWIN STEM/TEM microscope is operating at 300 kV using a field emission gun in Schottky mode as electron source.  This technology provides highest possible resolution of the electron transfer function and of structural features of the material to characterize. Magnifications of typically 1,000,000 times or higher can be achieved.  The system allows qualitative chemical analysis with special resolutions of 10 nm using energy disperse X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), parallel energy loss spectroscopy (PEELS), and energy-filtered electron microscopy (EFTEM). The Technai F-30 is serving as a versatile tool to satisfy the needs of high resolution microscopy in materials science on non-radioactive and radioactive materials.