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Sample Preparation for High Resolution Electron Microscopy

Preparation of electron-transparent specimen with minimum distortion is crucial for producing publishable results on high resolution electron microscopy.  Depending on the nature of the material (ceramic, metals, biological tissue) and the resolution to be achieved, specimen thicknesses after sample preparation vary from 10 nm to 200 nm.  The Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation provides researchers with state-of-the-art technology to produce high quality TEM and SEM specimens with great variety of materials constitution. Ceramic and metallic electron-transparent TEM samples can be produced using low-speed saws, tuned-piezo ultrasonic cutter, polisher/grinder, mechanical dimpler, low-angle ion-mill, and electrolytic polisher. Alternatively wedged specimen can be produced using a unique multi-preparation system.  Specimen featuring biological material can be produced using a high-end ultra-microtome. The ultra-microtome allows cuts though embedded specimen with a precision of 1 nm.

  Allied High Tech. Inc MultiPrepTM System

 Unltrasonic Disc Cutter with Stereo Microscope:Gatan Model 601

 Dimpler: Southbay Technology Model D500i

 Low Angle Ion Mill: Fischione Instrument Model 1010 LAMP

Ultra-Microtome: Leica EM UC 6 RT Ultramicrotome

Jet Polisher : Struer TenuPol-5

Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation Laboratory for Radioactive Samples 

Taking advantage of our potentials in characterizing radioactive materials, we installed additional sample preparation equipment in radioactive laboratory space. Our sample preparation laboratory for radioactive samples allows the production of high quality TEM and SEM specimen and comprises vacuum impregnation, low-speed sectioning saw, high-end polisher/grinder, and a multi-preparation system.  The equipment for preparing radioactive samples is not producing radioactive effluents and is connected to an environmental filtration and recirculation system. All effluents are filtered down to 1 micron and recycled.


Multi-Preparation System, High-end Polisher/Grinder, Low Speed Saw, Vacuum Impregnation System for the Preparation of Radioactive Samples


Alpha-Glove Box for the Preparation of Radioactive Samples