NSTD, National Security Group

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The science of national security has captured the imagination of national politics in recent years, mostly because of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and US immersion in the transformation of Iraq. UNLV stands on the forefront of many science frontiers that would be valuable to these efforts and has contributed in many ways. The National Security research programs at UNLV have been dwarfed by environmental and basic science arenas.

This group was formed to integrate scientific disciplines to contribute to the solution of complex problems arising from these challenges. Military applications and homeland security are programs that require cutting-edge science breakthroughs and quick implementation of commercial products based on these discoveries. Through the Harry Reid Center, UNLV is taking the lead in areas such as Megavoltage Cargo Imaging and Nuclear Forensics for homeland security. There have also been advances in biological counterterrorism for the Department of Defense.

The Harry Reid Center has developed a strong relationship with National Security Technologies, Inc, and is developing close collaborations with other industrial partners such as Varian Medical Systems and SAIC. These ties and an increasing association with the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will ensure that UNLV science will benefit national security in a meaningful way.