The Nuclear Science & Technology Division

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

NSTD Research Groups

The Nuclear Science & Technology Division (NSTD) actively seeks funding from a variety of sources to conduct student research. We have, and have had, multiple funding programs which support student & staff research across several University departments. To simplify administration, and streamline NSTD Research, the NSTD is divided into several research groupings. These groups are:

Heavy Liquid Metals
Managed By: Dr. Allen Johnson

-- under construction --

Materials Characterization
Managed By: Dr. Thomas Hartmann

-- under construction --

National Security
Managed By: Mr. Steven Curtis

-- under construction --

NHI Chemistry Support
Managed By: Dr. Allen Johnson

-- under construction --

Nuclear Engineering
Managed By: Dr. Denis Beller

To support graduate research related to nuclear engineering aspects of recycling used nuclear fuel, as well as national security developments, the Nuclear Engineering Group was formed. In addition to this formation, a graduate engineering degree program was approved in 2004 to recognize the academic and research accomplishments of students focused on the nuclear sciences aspects of technologies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Numerical Modeling
Managed By: Dr. Yitung Chen

-- under construction --

Managed By: Dr. Ken Czerwinski

Radiochemistry is the discipline dedicated to the study of the chemical and physical properties of radioactive elements.
Radiochemists utilize both the radioactive and chemical characteristics of elements and compounds to address technical needs in many areas, including:

  • The speciation and behavior of contaminants in the environment
  • Radioactive waste treatment and disposal
  • Beneficial uses of radioactive materials throughout the medical profession